L&T EduTech to set up CoEs in
E-Mobility and EV across Indian engineering institutions

L&T EduTech is planning to establish Centres of Excellence (CoE) in E-Mobility & Electric Vehicles within engineering institutions across India.

With India striving to achieve its ambitious target of 100% electrification of all vehicles by 2030, all stakeholders are fully committed to this mission and the challenges they present. The significant transition towards electrification calls for skilled professionals with specialised knowledge in EV technology. The demand for personnel, proficient in various domains such as EV technology, batteries, charging stations and vehicle design, is rapidly increasing. Capacity building and research and development in various areas of EV are crucial to meeting future demand.

L&T EduTech, an education initiative by the Larsen & Toubro (L&T) group, intends to establish “Centres of Excellence in E-Mobility & Electric Vehicles” in technical institutions and universities. These centres will facilitate and promote skill development in e-mobility and EV. With mentoring from experts in L&T’s group companies, namely L&T Technology Services (LTTS) and L&T Power Transmission & Distribution (PT&D), the CoE aim to prepare India’s technical graduates for the ongoing EV revolution. L&T EduTech has partnered with DIYGURU as the content partner and the Society for Smart E-Mobility as the ecosystem partner to equip young Indians with the necessary knowledge and skills to propel the EV industry to new heights.

The proposed CoE will feature dedicated standard EV labs and provide support for research in e-mobility, along with comprehensive training programmes for engineering students specialising in two EV disciplines: “Industry Specialisation on EV for Electrical Engineering” and “Industry Specialisation on EV for Mechanical Engineering”.

These two programmes will be offered in a blended format, combining self-paced learning, instructor-led sessions, hands-on training, projects and continuous assignments and assessments. These programmes will enable students in electrical, mechanical, automobile, mechatronics and electronics domains to obtain an industry specialsation in EV alongside their degrees. The programmes are designed in alignment with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, enabling institutions to seamlessly incorporate them into the curriculum credit structures.

To ensure a well-rounded educational experience, L&T EduTech will engage mentors from the automotive and EV sectors. These mentors will provide guidance, support and help institutes forge partnerships with companies in the automotive and EV industry, facilitating internships, projects and placement opportunities for successful students.

The CoE will also support faculty members in developing their skills in the field of EV, enabling them to engage in research activities and projects with relevant agencies. L&T EduTech will organise seminars and events focused on e-mobility, ensuring that students and teachers at the host institutions stay abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Technical universities and engineering colleges interested in establishing “Centres of Excellence in E-Mobility & Electric Vehicles” on their campuses can fill out the Expression of Interest (EOI) form. Further details and discussions will be shared with these institutions. For more information, institutions may contact Dr Anbuthambi B, Head – Strategy & Emerging Tech, at anbuthambi.b@Lntecc.com.