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Larsen & Toubro (L&T), a leading Indian construction firm, has achieved two groundbreaking records in road construction. L&T’s Transportation Infrastructure arm successfully executed the longest road using the largest quantity of bituminous concrete in just 100 hours. The project serves as an exemplary model for reducing fuel consumption and mitigating the carbon footprint. It also underscores a strong commitment to sustainability and the pursuit of cost-effective practices. The article examines how L&T utilised bituminous concrete and cold central plant recycling technology to reduce resource consumption, energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Discover how L&T’s Power Transmission & Distribution (PT&D) business vertical has successfully tackled the unique challenges of constructing substations amidst the awe-inspiring Himalayan Ranges. By harnessing the experience and ingenuity of its iexperts, it has successfully overcome the hurdles associated with building substation projects at high altitudes and, along the course, pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

Ancient monuments, tall buildings and classy structures are a treat for the eyes. What’s so special about it, that it has etched itself in our mind, as a memory to be cherished with? Have you ever wondered how these structures were built? How did the concrete take shape? Formwork.

Online learning now seems to be the only safe and viable option to keep academics alive. While it has provided the ease of bringing education to our very doorstep, it has also made the unthinkable happen – making the courses of leading institutes and faculties available to all. But not all aspects of online learning are rainbows and sunshine. So, let’s explore online learning across its length and breadth.