Clear Filters

Campus placement serves as a vital avenue for companies to recruit students who are on the verge of completing their degrees from engineering colleges and universities.

In the realm of law, the formation of a contract hinges on the triad of offer, acceptance and consideration. This fundamental principle transcends borders, constituting the bedrock of contract law worldwide.

In 1997, my journey as a Civil Engineer began almost by chance, coming from a rural background with little exposure to the field. From marine projects in Paradip to urban viaducts in Delhi, my early career was a whirlwind of diverse experiences.

India possesses abundant resources such as labour, machinery, and raw materials and by effectively harnessing these assets, we can further substantial growth.

In today’s cutthroat industries, success hinges not only on technical prowess but also on attitude. Are you curious to explore how positive behaviours can shape your journey to success?

As an HR professional who has worked in the seaports industry for over eight years, I would like to convey that the most crucial aspect of the HR department is confidentiality. I hope the information in this blog is helpful to all experienced and aspiring HR professionals.