About Us

In the world of engineering and technology, change and advancements are happening at the speed of light. Academia needs to keep pace with this change and career professionals need to adapt. This is the need gap L&T EduTech will fill. The vision for L&T EduTech is to be the bridge between academia and industry, between career professionals and ever-changing technology. L&T EduTech firmly believes that, only when these need gaps are filled, we will have truly empowered and knowledgeable workforce that will lead India in the future.
Our Vision

L&T EduTech aims to be a global leader in providing learning and assessment solutions for enhancing employability. We aim to be the preferred choice amongst students, employers, and the workforce, thereby adding value to stakeholders and society at large.

Our Mission

We will bring industry-led, real-world experience to improve the employability of all learners.

We will create engaging learner communities through intuitive platform and content.

We will use the power of technology to deliver learning outcomes for all learners.


We will promote creativity, speed and agility to deliver value to all stakeholders.

We aim to provide practical and application-oriented learning to the learners to make them job-ready. As more and more recruiters look for job-ready candidates, we provide live industry exposure through simulated laboratories and immersive programs. We empower faculty and facilitate collaboration between industry and academia in undertaking industry-led research programs.
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Engineering Application

Provide practical and application-oriented learning in engineering to students, thereby making them job-ready immediately upon graduation.

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Provide live industry exposure to the students through simulated laboratories and physical immersion programs, thereby enriching the learning process.

L&T EduTech_AboutUs2 L&T EduTech_AboutUs2
Unifying the Eco-system

Empower the faculty and facilitate collaboration between industry and academia in conducting industry-led research programs.