L&T EduTech Collaborates with CSI to Offer Real-world Technical Expertise to Learners

L&T EduTech partners with CSI Engineering Software Pvt Ltd (CSI) to use its industry-leading software offerings to meet the evolving needs of the structural engineering community.

With this collaboration with CSI, L&T EduTech takes another critical step towards its goal of building an application-oriented industry-relevant engineering education ecosystem in India. The comprehensive suite of tools provided by CSI will enrich L&T EduTech’s offerings and equip its learners with the much-needed real-world technical know-how. The software will teach learners how to model, analyse and design a wide variety of structures, from simple residential buildings to complex skyscrapers and bridges.

CSI is a software company that has been at the forefront of structural engineering software development for over four decades and is widely recognised as a leader in the industry. Its software tools are widely recognised in the industry for their accuracy, efficiency and ease of use. They are trusted by engineers around the world to design safe and cost-effective building structures.