Embracing the Revolution of AI: Do Human Skills Complement the AI Revolution?

In this era of revolutionary advancements with Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the question of its potential to replace various job functions has sparked widespread contemplation.
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Embracing the Revolution of AI: Do Human Skills Complement the AI Revolution?

In this era of revolutionary advancements with Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the question of its potential to replace various job functions has sparked widespread contemplation. Undoubtedly, AI is positioned to streamline repetitive desk jobs with unparalleled efficiency. However, amidst these advancements, I firmly believe that certain unique qualities inherently found in human beings will continue to play an irreplaceable role in the workforce. Let us delve into an exploration of these characteristics, understanding why they remain essential in an AI-driven world.


Multi-Tasking: The Exceptional Ability to Handle Multiple Tasks Concurrently

One of the most remarkable traits distinguishing humans from AI is our exceptional ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. While AI excels at performing specific tasks with precision and speed, humans possess an innate capacity to juggle numerous responsibilities, adapting swiftly to changing circumstances. We possess the cognitive flexibility required to seamlessly shift between different tasks, leveraging our diverse skill sets and experiences to excel in complex work environments. The aptitude to prioritise, allocate resources and make real-time decisions provides us with a competitive edge that Artificial Intelligence cannot easily replicate.

Networking: The Power of Human Connection

Automation, driven by AI, has undoubtedly transformed various aspects of our lives, yet it cannot replace the intrinsic value derived from personal interactions. Countless endeavours rely on intricate networks that thrive solely through human interfaces. Building and nurturing relationships are skills that are deeply embedded in the human experience. From fostering professional collaborations to cultivating personal connections, humans possess the ability to establish meaningful relationships based on trust, empathy and shared goals. It is through these connections that opportunities arise, innovation flourishes and societal progress is achieved. The essence of networking, with its intangible benefits, remains an invaluable skill that AI cannot fully embody.

Thriving in Pressure: The Ability to Perform Under Unstructured Conditions

In a world characterised by uncertainty and rapid change, the ability to perform under pressure becomes increasingly crucial. While machines excel in structured workflows, humans possess the innate capacity to adapt, innovate and excel in situations that lack predetermined order. Our ability to think critically, exercise judgment and creatively problem-solve allows us to navigate through ambiguous and unstructured work environments with confidence. The human touch truly shines when facing uncertainty, leveraging our adaptability, resilience and intuition to find novel solutions and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Planning for Plan B: Anticipating and Adapting to Challenges

The capacity to anticipate problems and quickly devise alternative solutions is an essential human trait that sets us apart from Artificial Intelligence. Sometimes, unforeseen challenges demand resourcefulness, agility and the ability to improvise – a unique set of qualities that machines currently lack. Humans possess the cognitive ability to foresee potential obstacles, develop contingency plans and respond to contingencies swiftly. Our capacity to adapt on the fly, make real-time adjustments and mitigate risks is an invaluable strength that allows us to navigate complex and ever-changing work landscapes.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Understanding the Human Experience

While AI excels at data analysis and logical problem-solving, it lacks the depth of emotional intelligence that humans possess. Our ability to understand and empathise with others, as well as navigate complex emotional landscapes, is a uniquely human attribute. Empathy allows us to connect on a deeper level, comprehend nuanced situations and offer genuine support and understanding. Our emotional intelligence, coupled with empathy, enables us to build meaningful relationships, provide personalised solutions and navigate complex social dynamics that go beyond the capabilities of AI.

In essence, individuals who possess the ability to seamlessly handle multiple tasks, nurture a robust network, readily embrace change, thrive under pressure and demonstrate empathy towards others and the environment are indispensable. As the era of Chat GPT unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident that human skills and qualities remain invaluable and complementary to the AI revolution. By embracing our unique human qualities, we can leverage the power of AI to augment our capabilities, fuel creativity and drive unprecedented progress.

As we navigate this transformative landscape, let us remember that the human touch, with its multifaceted qualities, is an irreplaceable asset that continues to propel us forward.


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Aruna Tracy Shalini


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Aruna Tracy Shalini has been with L&T Construction for 17 years, starting as a GET after earning her Civil Engineering Bachelor’s Degree in 2006. She currently supports the Operations of Public Space BU, handling operational challenges with forecasting, procurement Strategies, funding, resourcing and site-design coordination. In her previous role, she served as a Market Analyst and Business Coordinator for the Public Space business unit of B&F IC.

Before that,in EDRC B&F Aruna led a team called “MAVENS,” focused on bringing innovative and sustainable ideas to the Buildings & Factories IC design department. She played a key role in implementing digital solutions and holds three copyrights for in-house developed software on Design Automation. She is also a Lead Quality Auditor accredited by LRQA for ISO 9001:2015 and a Co-Lead of L&T’s recreational club committee-Articulators.

On a personal note, she enjoys writing blogs and sharing her views on finding happiness in the little things.

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