Dear Stress, let’s Makeup

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How good it would be if pressure, tension and stress were words only used in physics? But unfortunately, they have become a part of our psychology.

The feeling of being alone and helpless can destroy our mental health. If something keeps bothering us, what do we do? Break down or power through?

According to a report by India Today, 50% of students aged between 19 and 25 are stressed. Academics, carrier-related issues, social expectations, social media and body shaming are the few terms that are playing predominant roles in a student’s life.

So, how does stress creep into the young minds of Millennials and Gen Zs?

We can say that the answers to the above can be found in 3Cs: Competition, Comparison and Company.

The Competition:

This is the main cause of stress. Being asked to continuously run a competitive race makes life difficult for students.
• Schools, colleges and coaching centres encourage competition between students with the notion that it would     push them harder to perform better.
• Relatives, acquaintances and society add pressure while making one’s life decisions.
• There is high competition for getting into a good college or MNC.
• Ambitions in today’s generations are shifting towards getting ranks in competitive exams like IIT, NEET, CAT and    GRE, rather than becoming a skilful engineer, doctor, artist, anchor, etc.

One should understand two things in life:
• One, if you want to compete with anyone, compete with yourself. Strive to be a better version of yourself       every day.
• Two, hard work and dedication can make a person successful. Life is not over just because a student is not able      to get into any premier institute or a dream company.

The Comparison:

‘Look at your friend; he has been earning for 2 years already.’ ‘look at your third cousin; he has brought a luxurious car!”

I’m sure such phrases are heard in every household. Although this could be motivating on rare occasions, most of the time they prove to be demoralising and may lead to an increase in problems such as overthinking, low confidence and ultimately stress and anxiety.

Social media can also worsen depression. Seeing people enjoying life extravagantly can make one overthink and start comparing their lives to that of those online.

So, how do we deal with comparisons in life?

  • First and foremost, we should keep in mind that every individual is unique; everyone has their own strengths and limitations. The way to success for each individual is different. Following another’s path will seldom lead to success.
  • Always remember that delay in success does not imply failure.
  • The definition of success may vary from person to person. For example, if student ‘A’ wants to live a luxurious life in a big metropolitan city to be happy, another student ‘B’ may be satisfied with a simple small-town life near.
The final and most important C is Company.


People around you affect you the most, but you are the only person who can control this. Surround yourself with people who drive you towards a positive mindset, make you happy and whom you can grow together with.

Finding the right people in life who criticize you positively and motivate you to move toward the right path is quite difficult and sometimes it may take a lifetime to recognize them. If you are in the wrong company of people, who demotivate you often, it may hinder your growth. Choose wisely!

The 3Cs try to cover all the major causes of stress among students. Just remember to be empathetic, not overthink and keep pushing forward.

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