Dear Stress, let’s Makeup

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How good it would be if words like pressure, tension, stress were only up to physics? But unfortunately, they become a part of our psychology.

The feeling of being alone and helplessness is destroying the mental health. If something keeps bothering us what will do we breakup or we try to solve it.

Why everyone is fighting with stress, anxiety? why it very common among college students?

According to a report in India Today, 50% of students aged between 19-25 years are stressed. Academics, carrier-related issues, social expectations, social media, body shaming are the few terms which are playing a crucial role in anyone’s life.

So how is stress creeping into the Millennial’s and Gen Z ?
We can say that the answers to above can be found in 3C’s, i.e., Competition, Comparison, and Company.

The Competition:

Competition of doing well in exams with school, colleges and coaching mates. Competition of getting ahead in life with respect to relatives and acquaintances. Competition of getting into a good college, MNC. These competitions are making life difficult for students, even though, because of this race they are able to get the good marks, but they are not able to get the right knowledge or skill sets.

Ambitions in today’s generations are shifting towards getting ranks in exams like IIT, NEET, CAT, GRE rather than becoming a skilful engineer, doctor, artist, anchor…but is this the fault of students?… I would prefer to say that the fault is of the system, the society, as without getting marks or passing the exam we can’t get quality education. But one should understand two things in life, one, that if you want to compete with anyone, compete with yourself, be the better version of yourself every day and second is life is not over, if a student is not able to get into any premier institute. Hard work and dedication can make a person successful without the help of a premier institute or exam.

The Comparison:

“Look at your friend/cousin he has been earning for 2 years”, “look at him he bought a luxurious car”, such kind of phrases may be sometimes motivating, but most of the time they prove to be demoralising and may lead to increase in problems such as overthinking, low confidence, and ultimately to stress and anxiety.

A part of social media, now a days is playing a role of catalyst in making the depression scenario worse, as somebody sees another person wondering, enjoying, doing exciting stuff, people start overthinking and comparing their own life to others. Also, social media often soaks a lot of time from our life which we could use to improve ourselves and succeed.

So how to deal with comparisons in life !!!

First and foremost, we should keep in mind that each and every individual is different from the other, everyone has their own problems, capability to work and the way to success for each individual can be different. Following anybody’s path will never lead to success in life. Also delay in success does not mean, we cannot be a successful person in life. Secondly the definition of success may vary from person to person. for example, a student “A” Wants to be an rich person and wants to be in a metropolitan city with a bungalow, luxurious cars, and be happy, whereas another student “B” can be satisfied with a simple life near a town in the lap of nature and live happily. So, if both A and B get what they want, then they both will be successful.

So in simple words, we can say that do not compare your life with others and focus on what you want and whether you are working towards it or not, do not overthink and do not feel demoralised.

The third and last but important “C” is


People around you, affect you the most, but you are the only person who can control this. Be in a circle of people who drive you towards the positive mindset, make you happy and grow together. It is not as simple as written in the above sentence, finding the right people in life, who motivate you, criticise you to move in the right path, it is quite a difficult job and sometimes it may take a lifetime to recognize these kinds of company. If you are in the wrong company of people, who demotivate you every single time, it may hinder your growth. Hence, we need to choose wisely, or even we can enjoy our own company.

At last we can conclude, with an understanding that everybody is facing problems in this world, and all the problems can be solved and will be solved. Also remember that, life is a reward given by God to us. So, enjoy it to the fullest, along with your loved ones as this reward is for a short while only.

So here with the help of the 3Cs, we have attempted to cover all the major causes and solutions for the highly discussed term in last decade, that is, “STRESS“.

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