Career Development for College Students

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Career Development for College Students

If there are millions of people graduating with degrees in various domains across the globe, why is it that only a few are able to turn it into a successful career? What’s the edge that these few people have got over the others? The answer to these questions lies in how they plan. It’s not just any other plan. It’s the– CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN!

Let’s start with the basics

Firstly, let’s get down to the roots of the word ‘career’. What exactly does it stand for? Is it just a means to earn our living? Or a privilege only the wealthy people can think about? A big NO-NO!

A career is what gives purpose to our lives. Derived from the Latin word, carrus meaning a wheeled vehicle, career symbolises the medium which takes us through our path of life. A path that we choose to pursue with ample experiences to gain in the way. Earning money would be one of the outcomes in this journey and is not its sole purpose

Our society rewards us in exchange for the insights we provide with the knowledge that we gained through experiences. At times, it can take the form of monetary compensation. Sometimes, it can be awards and recognition. But, what matters here is how you formulate your personal and professional development. Everything else would fall in pursuit!

Career Development for Students

In this digital age, career development for students can be overwhelming with umpteen choices to choose from. But those who concentrate on one thing at a time, always advance.

Bearing that in mind, we are in for a quick self-assessment!

Everyone has something that sets them apart. If you’re reading this and don’t know it yet, the more you explore, the quicker you’ll get to it. Try experimenting with different things. For instance, if you’re pursuing Engineering try attending as many Symposiums and Hackathons. The key here is to participate! Career growth can only happen for someone keen to acquire more experience. It’s only a matter of time before you’d think, “I can’t believe I didn’t know that I had it in me all this while!”

So, how do you grow?

Know what comes along with experience?


All these experiences together, craft the skills required for developing a career. This gives a fair idea of what one’s good at and it’s all that’s needed to define one’s professional goals. The prime focus here is to help you match the acquired skills to the profile which best suits you.

What good would this matching serve if it’s not tied with growth? So, let’s tie these professional goals with professional growth. Professional growth not only refers to getting promoted up the hierarchy but also to expanding one’s expertise horizontally. For example, for a Civil Engineer with an inclination towards Structural Engineering, you can provide consultation assessing the structural aspects of a construction project alongside your day job. With all eyes set to grow both ways in terms of practical and experiential learning, what you now have in hand, is a bunch of career development goals.

Let’s break it down

Formwork industry just as any other has its own set of challenges to deal with starting from getting the vertical surfaces straight to damaging the concrete during dismantling the formwork. Though flexible concrete forms can be used to construct the smooth curves, proper care is to be exercised while handling the concerned accessories at each stage, since the damages if any, would leave a great impact on the entire building.

What are the best practices in Formwork Construction?

It gives you a big picture to aspire for and it’s time that you chunk it down into smaller bits. However tall a skyscraper maybe, its foundation lies deep beneath the ground. Similarly, however long it may take to achieve your goal, it all depends on the efforts you put in right now. Bifurcating your goals with respect to time as long-term goals and short-term goals would help you in clearing that fog blockading your way forward.

The great thing here is that your journey is never about reaching a destination! It’s about gathering experiences as you move along, the ones which serve as a magical beacon to your path. For now, you know that you’ve got all the magic within, wishing you all the very best for your career.

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