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Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT


Master the art of crafting instructions for AI models

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Chat GPT Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT


With the ongoing AI revolution, prompt engineering has become a must-have skill for anyone looking to train AI models to generate high quality content. Professional prompt engineers use carefully crafted prompts with precise verbs and vocabulary. This course will teach you how to optimise the use of AI models, such as ChatGPT. Learn how to design and refine input to tune such AI models to get specific results. From simple tasks, such as using prompts to replace all names in a text or to writing a screenplay with your favourite movie characters, to complex tasks such as tuning GPT-3 to power a chatbot or to handle enterprise data analysis, you can unlock the potential of AI to transform the way you work. Introduction to Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT is the perfect course for students, professionals and anyone interested in generative AI.

Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

Course Overview

Our course provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of prompting, as well as specialised learning modules for advanced prompt engineering techniques to take your content strategy to the next level, no matter your skill level or experience. It covers the basics of natural language processing and machine learning, as well as practical applications. You will learn how to create high-quality text that is tailored to specific audiences and objectives, using cutting-edge AI technology.

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Prompt Engineering AI

Course Objective

Learn how to write effective prompts, how to communicate with AI models and how to train models to generate high-quality content.

Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

Course Details

1. Artificial Intelligence and Its types
2. Deep Learning (DL)
3. Neural Network | A Historical Perspective
4. Natural Language Processing
5. Applications and Advancement of NLP
6. Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
7. Sentiment Analysis and Classification
8. Architecture of Sentiment Analysis | ML and DL
9. Probability in Language Modeling and NLP
10. Perplexity
11. Burstiness
1. Understanding GPT Models
2. How Does ChatGPT Work?
3. Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback
4. Features and Limitations of ChatGPT
5. Real-world Applications of ChatGPT
6. ChatGPT vs other AI Language Models
7. Job Role: AI Whisperer/Prompt Engineer
1. What is Prompt Engineering?
2. Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering
3. Ethical Considerations in Prompt Engineering
4. Common Challenges and Solutions
1. Techniques of Prompt Engineering
2. Advanced Techniques in Prompt Engineering
3. Implementing Prompt Engineering
4. Evaluating Prompt Effectiveness
1. Use cases of Prompt Engineering
2. ChatGPT for Text Generation
3. ChatGPT for Text Summarization
4. ChatGPT for Question Answering
5. Building Chatbots Using ChatGPT
1. Case Studies | Level 1
2. Case Studies | Level 2
3. Case Studies | Level 3
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Courses Modules
Day Program
Hour Engagement
Hands-On Exercises
Real-World Case Studies

Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

Special Case Studies

Generate compelling and persuasive ad copy that resonates with your target audience

Automate customer service responses to save time and improve efficiency.

Generate legal documents and contracts with ease and accuracy

Generate medical reports and documentation for patients

Generate job descriptions and performance evaluations

Generate high-quality content for your website, blog or social media channels.

Generate product descriptions and reviews that drive sales and conversions

Generate automated feedback and evaluation reports for students, create preparation sheets.

Automate financial reporting and analysis

Generate compelling and immersive narratives for video games

Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

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