Unlocking Sustainability & Innovation:
The Key to Smart Product Development through Optimization

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Join us for an enlightening webinar that delves into the world of smart product development. Explore the incredible potential of cutting-edge technologies in transforming industries and shaping the future.

In this educational session, we’ll dive into the essential concepts of optimization, IoT, and data science and their applications in various fields, including Electric Vehicles. Discover how these innovations are driving sustainability, efficiency, and innovation across industries.

Learn about real-world applications and case studies, and how these technologies are revolutionizing the automotive sector. Whether you’re a student seeking to expand your knowledge or a professor looking to enrich your curriculum, this webinar provides valuable insights and educational resources.

From topology optimization for energy-efficient vehicles to harnessing the power of IoT for smarter transportation solutions, this webinar will empower you with knowledge and strategies to excel in the rapidly evolving world of smart product development.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of these transformative technologies and their impact on the future of industry and academia. Join us in shaping tomorrow’s innovations.

Who Should Attend?


Ramesha BS
Head- Academic Initiatives,
Altair Engineering
Ayush Sharma
Doctoral Researcher - German Electron Synchrotron, Germany & Co-founder, DIYguru

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