TOT Programs (Traning of Trainer)

Skilling and RPL require a lot more from the instructor and trainers.  Trainers need to be certified in order to attract NSDC or SSC projects or any government funded project. In this endeavour, we lay a lot of emphasis on the L&T EduTech ToT as it is practical oriented and application driven. This is also structured around what is required in a construction site.

You will notice that the exercises that are on the LMS and which are demonstrated are far more intense, site driven, and practical than what is defined in the CSDCI model curriculum. This will enable the onsite delivery to be more in-line with the needs of the site and there is minimal wastage.

How does this help?

  • Enables the instructor to deliver as per need of the site
  • Enables the instructor to adjust delivery to the site and workmen
  • Enables and empowers the instructor for both yard based or site based delivery
  • Teaches the instructor how to capture evidence and perform OJT (very important for on-site RPL)
  • Teaches the instructor how to complete screening (very crucial)
  • Teaches the instructor how to use the L&T EduTech platform for ease of deployment, tracking, Conducting assignments, evaluation, and delivery

Note: This is only available to L&T EduTech partner institutions and training providers

Additionally, on-site delivery planning is a core benefit which we deliver to our partners (to you).

As part of our engagement with our partners, while you address the on-site delivery, we support and enable you through

  • LMS Platform
  • ToT
  • Delivery Plan
  • Curriculum finalisation/syllabus identification (post diagnostic)
  • Training Tools
  • Expert Industry consulting during deliver or prior to delivery to ensure quality output
  • Learner content
  • Detailed method statements with work instructions
  • Assessment Checklist and Standards
  • Knowledge and practical checks to enable preparation for certification
  • Complete kit on requirements of practical delivery to the learner

 Additionally, L&T EduTech also engages in corporate on-site training, for which L&T EduTech certified trainers who have at least 5 years of site experience will be considered. All this works for the benefit of the instructors.

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