Hire your Workforce from our Certified Talent Pool

Hire your Workforce from our Certified Talent Pool

Skills Exchange

L&T EduTech’s – Skills Exchange is a talent pool of pre-assessed and certified candidates for employers looking to hire. It contains detailed profiles of registered, skilled & talented individuals, derived via Assessments and Certifications. Employers can work directly with the colleges & institutions to conduct placement programs to complete the recruitment process.

How It Works?


Employers across industry segments and organisations can enter selection criteria as per job requirements.


The system searches the talent pool database and fetches matching profiles that meet the employers job requirements.


The Skills Exchange facilitates the ‘expression of interest’ process to connect employers with the institutions and students*.

*Employers may establish a “Green Channel” – A special condition for individuals/students to qualify directly to the interview stage.

Selection Criteria

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Personal information of students like name, age, gender, mother tongue, location and more.

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Academic information like name of school, name of college with NIRF ranking, subjects, grades earned and more.

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Information on Extra-curricular activities like sports, music, dance, hobbies and other activities.

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Information on under-graduate, post-graduate education, additional courses and certifications.

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Information regarding English language communication, coding and any other skills of value to the employers.

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Attitude & Aptitude

Information on aptitude, personality and behaviour from scientific, valid and reliable assessments.

Benefit to Employers

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On-demand Talent

Employers can access the Skills Exchange for hiring the candidates that meet their job requirements.

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Untapped Talent

Facilitating democratisation of talent and enabling employers tap good talent beyond over-used sources of talent in academic institutions and locations.

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Just-in-time Hiring

Ready pool of talent from a continuosly database to meet employers’ requirement of fulfilling sudden surge in demand.

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Day One Productivity

The talent pool in the Skills Exchange is mostly trained and certified to meet employers’ requirements of ready to deploy talent.