In this journey of skill development, L&T EduTech provides a space for learners and associates like academia, NGOs, governments, corporates and industry to come together for a unified goal.

We empower students with practical and application-oriented learning to enhance their employability quotient. The job-readiness of the students will improve placement rates resulting in increased enrollments for the universities and colleges. 


We engage with various State Skill Development Missions (SSDMs) and jointly work towards skilling, upskilling, and re-skilling of the youth of that state. 

Social organizations

We aim to collaborate with NGOs/Private initiatives, working towards the welfare of the society, for increased reach to the main stakeholders and work jointly towards the skilling, upskilling and reskilling of individuals and improve the chances of a better livelihood. 


Our industry-aligned skills enable the timely availability of human capital. The certified new hires acquire the required skillset at a faster rate, thereby boosting productivity. Regular corporate upskilling helps train, retain and retrain the employees


Skill Exchange meets the requirements of a business with a readily available skilled resource pool and training support as per the industry needs. A standardised skill set across the workplace helps reduce downtime and improve productivity.


Our core offerings deliver certified, job-ready candidates who are productive from day one. We strongly believe in combining an industry-relevant and a skill-based curriculum, which is critical to succeeding in the changing landscape. 

L&T Skill Exchange courses are aligned with the Skill India Campaign and are focused on making a learner job-ready. The courses are modular in structure and focused on enhancing the knowledge and skills of the learner.