Professional Skilling

Skill. Reskill. Upskill.
From Day 1 to Day Infinity
Professional Skilling

The skilling programs enable the learners to achieve the objectives of professional development. The training enables learning best practices and industry benchmarks followed by L&T across various business domains, ensuring industry and functional relevance, necessary to excel in the workplace. Individuals and employers both stand to benefit from these programs designed for capability development, upskilling and reskilling.

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Project-Based Learning

Industry experts mentor the learners and show them how real-world problems are solved through innovative IT solutions with established technologies helping them become job-ready.

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Self-Paced E-Learning

The learners have access to a series of self-paced interactive e-learning modules designed for effectiveness and learner engagement. The programs enable learning best practices and industry benchmarks followed by L&T.


Individual learners are provided scorecards and completion certificates as applicable. The certified learners are automatically registered into the Skill Exchange and become part of the pre-certified talent pool for use by potential employers.

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Virtual Labs

Practice makes perfect – virtual labs and practice environments are provided to enhance performance driven aspects of learning like coding and english language communication skills and result in measurable improvement.


Professional Skilling programs are designed to enable entry-level talent to be productive from day one with faster deployment into projects after joining a new company. This program will benefit employers by significantly reducing the time and cost to train and deploy.

Self-paced e-learning

Learners from engineering disciplines can benefit from modular self-paced e-learning programs with hundreds of learning hours and auto-evaluated practice exercises allowing for unlimited submissions to ensure appropriate skilling. Thereafter, job-readiness is ensured through certification assessments. 

Learners from non-engineering backgrounds can learn SQL/Pl-SQL, shell scripting, UNIX programming from self-paced e-learning platform, with adequate learning hours accompanied by auto-evaluated practice exercises and certification assessments.

Our IT Courses

Understand the digital transformation technologies / enterprise application and system integration along with server solution


Understand web technologies that empower online businesses, multi- platform delivery and e-commerce. Integrate application in a responsive environment


Understand data analytics funds, learn data engineering and visualization. Apply machine learning to get deep insights. Learn concepts of big data warehousing


Understand operating system, servers, storages and various IT troubleshooting functions. Relate to networking architecture  and infrastructure security

Skilling Programs In Emerging and
Trending Technologies

Foundation, intermediate and advanced level courses in emerging technologies.

Cloud Computing
Framework Courses
Benefit to Employers
Higher Employability Quotient

Learners can boost their career progression and stay ahead of the competition by enhancing their employability quotient.


Learners can become workplace-ready with industry-aligned certifications and increase their chances of getting hired by the best employers.


Employers can up-skill their employees based on industry demand, hire job-ready certified talent from the skill exchange program.


Enhanced job productivity and quick project deployment with reduced training duration will significantly reduce time and cost to train and deploy.