Platform as a service (PaaS)

Platform as a service (PaaS)
This exclusive platform created by L&T EduTech has multiple facets that enhances the learner, thus making it a robust service delivery platform, available in a service model.

L&T EduTech offers its proprietary assessment engine, which comes with the best-in-class features and with multiple layers of security as a PAAS solution to organizations interested in using their content to deliver assessments. Organizations get the flexibility to manage their own assessments at the click of a button and to leverage the multiple features of the assessment engine. The L&T EduTech assessment engine offers a value proposition to its clients in multiple formats, as detailed below: 

Internet based assessment with minimum lead time and no infrastructure overheads

Question bank management system to build and manage client specific content using multiple hierarchy levels and Bloom’s taxonomy

Advanced security features of an AI-ML based proctoring service to guarantee a reliable and cheat proof assessment delivery

Provision to scale up as per requirement and scale down once the need is met

Opportunity to avail all the new features functionality and security wise in sync with the latest developments and requirements of the market

Customizable UI to facilitate the branding requirements of the organization

Campus to Enterprise - C2E

The “CAMPUS TO ENTERPRISE” or C2E platform, is the first of its kind, end-to-end recruitment management solution, which allows organizations to completely manage the entire campus recruitment ecosystem under one platform. The platform offers recruiters a bird’s-eye view of the progress of candidate’s stage by stage to help them manage the overall process in the most efficient manner. The C2E platform offers clients the essential features that form the backbone of a campus recruitment program.  

Selection of educational institutions to visit and a mail trigger to the training and placement officers​

Facility for TPOs to upload student data to initiate the creation of student profiles​

First level screening on multiple criteria by the recruiters to shortlist for assessments/interview​

Seamless integration of the L&T EduTech’s assessment engine for the conduct of assessments

Assessment report generation module and shortlisting based on assessment scores​

Scheduling of panellists & assigning students for interviews​

Evaluation of candidates using video interviews and an online evaluation interface​

Document upload facility and module for document verification for recruiters​

Roll out of the final offer letter to students based on document verification