Our Key Differences

Key Differentiators

L&T EduTech stands apart with its unique module designed with details for a theoretical and practical education that will benefit the learners and industry mutually.

industry-ready workforce

Our core offerings deliver certified, job-ready candidates who are productive from day one. We strongly believe in combining an industry-relevant and skill-based curriculum, which is critical to succeeding in the changing landscape. 

L&T Skill Exchange courses are aligned with the Skill India Campaign and are focused on making a learner job-ready. The courses are modular in structure and focused on enhancing the knowledge and skills of the learner. 


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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) helps employers recognise a worker’s prior skills and provide suitable training, enabling increased job productivity and reduced downtime. Recruit, Train, Deploy (RTD) allows employers to recruit and then train the workforce, making them job-ready with continuous training and development. NSFQ aligned Short Term Training (STT) courses contain structured content and activities that bridge the skill gaps. 

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PHYGITAL delivery

Platform-based delivery of courses through appropriate physical and digital capsules provides a seamless learning experience. Theoretical knowledge comprises 40% of the curriculum, and 60% is focused on practical learning. Learners will have practical, hands-on training and access to on-site videos digitally. The phygital delivery not only helps enhance the learner’s skills but also improves their employability quotient. 

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Integrated Assessment System

A robust video-based learner-centric assessment process is designed to assess and certify learners across various competencies. A system that will continuously assess a worker’s skills and help us identify the areas for improvement, making them employment-ready. 

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Workers who have undergone vocational certification will have better employment opportunities. The certification will guarantee the skills they have learned on-site, and these skills will allow them to perform better and more efficiently.


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The offering is pivoted on reinforcing the conceptual learning with application engineering, from the industry standpoint. 

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2. Robust Learning & Assessment Platform

A robust and rigorous assessment engine is designed to run in parallel to assess and certify students across various competencies. 

3. Video-Based proof of learning and evidence learning

Enabling remote evaluation by trainer.

Videos available for the learner to reflect and improve.

All successful candidate’s skill videos will be available on the L&T Platform. Any employer can have access to them, allowing him to choose the candidates based on the skill demonstrated.

4. Doubt Resolution by Experts

Live virtual instructor led training sessions (VILT) conducted by L&T EduTech trainers and SMEs. 

5. Skill Exchange

L&T EduTech’s – Skill Exchange is a talent pool of Pre-assessed and certified candidates for employers looking to hire. 

It contains detailed profiles of registered skilled and talented individuals which is derived via assessments and/or certification.