Optical Fiber Technician – Level 4

Optical Fiber Technician
Level 4 (TEL/Q6401)

You will be responsible for maintaining the uptime and quality of the network segment (both optical media and equipment) by undertaking periodic preventive maintenance activities and ensuring effective fault management in the event of a fault occurrence. The individual should be able to handle high-pressure situations and be analytical with a good command of the local language to coordinate with labour.

This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of an Optical Fiber Technician in the Telecom sector/industry and aims at building key competencies amongst the learner.


L&T EduTech Certificate ​


You can enrol for this course through designated L&T Training Partners




Self-paced e-learning = 40 hours
Instructor-led training = 40 hours (this is at your institute)
Total = 80 hours *

You will have to undergo hands-on practical exposure at a training provider through the State Skill Development Mission or L&T training partners. 

Course outcomes