L&T EduTech Hosts Roundtable on Industry Integration for Arts and Science Institutions

On 08 February 2023, L&T EduTech hosted a roundtable on ‘Industry Integration for Arts and Science Institutions’ at Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. The insightful two-hour event was attended by senior academic leaders and industry experts from across the country.

The primary objective of the conference was to bring thought leaders from industry and academia together in discussing and deliberating solutions towards bridging the existing skills gap that students of the arts, science and commerce streams have developed over the years. Studies show that all over the world companies increasingly struggle to find people with the right skills in the right numbers and at the right times. The event addressed this issue head-on as all the stakeholders shared their experiences and insights and tried to come up with ways in which industry-relevant skill-building initiatives can be part of the regular curriculum.

Roundtable Conference
Academic leaders, industry experts and dignitaries from L&T EduTech during the roundtable on Industry Integration for Arts and Science Institutions.