L&T EduTech Collaborates with Qlik to Empower Students and Educators on Data and Analytics

L&T EduTech joins hands with QlikTech India Private Limited (Qlik) to foster data literacy and develop analytics skills among the academic community.

Through its flagship Qlik Academic Program, Qlik will offer the qualified university professors, students and researchers of L&T EduTech partner institutions with complimentary Qlik software and learning resources to build tomorrow’s data and analytics experts.

With Qlik Academic Program embedded in the curriculum, L&T EduTech hopes to create unique and intuitive learning experiences that will inculcate creative thinking in learners and teach them to visualise data in myriad ways. With the combined expertise and shared experiences of these two powerhouses, this collaboration is destined to go a long way in bringing about transformative change in the technical skilling landscape of the country.

Qlik is a software company that provides business intelligence and data analytics solutions. It serves a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, retail and manufacturing through its data analytics and business intelligence products which are known for their ease of use, powerful data analytics capabilities and interactive data visualisation features.