Industrial Power System Analysis

industrial Power System Analysis
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Learners will learn the power system concepts, various power system components, power system behaviour, load flow analysis, modelling of power system networks and stability enhancement methods in power systems. 

About the Course

The ‘Power System Analysis and Stability’ is a fundamental course in the branch of electrical and electronics engineering, which deals with modelling and analyzing of the entire power system which consists of various components such as generators, power transformers, bus bars, circuit breakers, transmission lines, loads etc. This course also provides exposure to industrial software tools like ETAP (Electrical transient and analyser program) and PSCAD (Power system computer aided design). Our present-day power system is a giant network with interconnected systems and requires extensive power system studies at almost all stages of its planning, operation and control. Power plants generate myriads of gigawatts of power every day, further, the power is carried to the consumer premises with the aid of transmission lines and distribution lines. While transporting power from generating station to consumer premises, the system may come across many challenging phenomena such as, overload, short circuit, and other types of faults. Therefore, ‘Power system analysis and stability’ is an important course for every practicing engineers should know to become a good power system protection engineer or transmission and distribution engineer.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to understand various aspects of power systems, perform analysis and modelling on power systems and identify the stability enhancement methods in power systems. 

Key topics
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Stack
Our Experts
Dr. Jayanta Pal
Chief Mentor - Electrical Engineering, L&T Edutech; Professor Emeritus - IIT Kharagpur

Area of Expertise:
Control Systems, Reduced Order Modelling, Digital Control, Power Systems, Magnetic Levitation

Dr Ajit Pal
Chief Mentor - Electronics Engineering, L&T Edutech; Professor - IIT Kharagpur

Area of Expertise:
Embedded Systems Optical & Wireless Communication, Low Power VLSI Systems

K K Jembu Kailas
Lead SME - Electrical Engineering, L&T Edutech; B.E. (College of Engineering Guindy)

Area of Expertise:
Electrical Substation & Power Distribution, Industrial & Building Electrification 

C.S. Seshadri
Advisor – L&T Construction; 39+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Thermal Power Projects

Srinivasan S
VP & Head - Engineering, Power Transmission & Distribution, L&T Construction; B.E. (Kamaraj University, Madurai); 38+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, EPC Contracts, Consultancy, PMC 

Dr. P Rangarajan
PhD - College of Engineering Guindy

Area of Expertise:
VLSI & Signal Processing, Power Electronics, Embedded systems 

Dr. Deva Brinda Deepak
PhD - College of Engineering Guindy

Area of Expertise:
Power System Analysis, Transmission & Distribution, High Voltage Engineering 

Dr. Venkatalakshmi B
PhD - College of Engineering Guindy

Area of Expertise:
Signal Processing, Wireless Sensors, RFID and Pervasive Computing 

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