L&T EduTech Immersion is intended for engineering students to experience the real time industry practices and applications of concepts learnt thus far. Undergraduate/postgraduate students enrolled in recognized academic institutions in India can apply. The objectives of this Immersion are

• To present to the students the unmatched capabilities of L&T in Technology, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing.
• To fill the skill gap prevailing with the budding engineering students before their graduation.
• To enhance their professional skills to make them industry ready.

As more and more recruiters look for job-ready candidates, we provide live Industry exposure through simulated laboratories and immersive programs to provide insights of Engineering tenets from the standpoint of the Industry.

Students will work and learn closely with practising experts of L&T for enhanced employability, workplace readiness and college credits. Real-world exposure and industry examples will provide the student with unparalleled hands-on experience and develop them as future engineers to meet the demands of the ever-evolving industry.

L&T’s Capabilities across Industries

As ‘the builder of the India of the 21st century’, L&T has been accomplishing landmark projects in India and overseas resulting in L&T’s indelible stamp of excellence, reflecting a track record spanning over eight decades.

L&T EduTech is offering solutions in the higher education space using digital technology delivering these capabilities, what we have developed over 80 years, to the stakeholders of academic Institutions to help create industry-ready talent in the entire gamut of engineering and technology.

Benefits for Universities & Colleges

The academic Institutions shall sign an agreement with L&T EduTech to reap benefits to students in getting access to the L&T EduTech online courses developed by practising experts and senior academicians and subsequently to the Immersion experience from more than thousands of projects sites of L&T across the country.

The Immersion program is offered for a minimum of two weeks for which the students will be given options to select the slot, domain, project and location. The academic Institutions shall nominate a mentor faculty who could help the students to choose the right Immersion offering suiting their career aspiration. The mentor faculty may like to consult in advance with the Industry experts from L&T EduTech for the same.

How it works

The students shall read the Immersion Handbook available in the portal and logon to the online portal to understand the offerings under various engineering domains and slots, identify and apply for the suitable Immersion. The students will be given a structured 12 days workflow for Immersion, which has to be adhered to strictly.

L&T EduTech experts will handhold the students, mentoring them clarifying their doubts and helping them connecting the dots between the concepts learnt in Institutions & real time industrial practices. Students are expected to undergo all the Immersion offerings with full involvement, solve all practice problems, upload solutions, take up assessments with due seriousness, work on improving their level and submit online daily reports and feedback promptly.

L&T EduTech platform will automatically update scores of the students based on attainment of outcomes of various activities. Based on the score, badges/certifications shall be offered.

Apply for Immersion through our EduTech Portal.

Immersive Experience

Immersion Program for KPR Engineering College

One week Immersion program was offered to the civil and mechanical engg. students of KPR Engineering College. Students were given opportunity to get immersed in the real mega project sites and industries of L&T and to interact with the practising experts of L&T. Students could learn the industry practices of design and implementation of solutions to various practical problems.