Engineering Graphics and Design

Engineering Graphics and Design
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To help learners draw engineering drawings of objects in manual and computer-aided drafting methods, read and interpret the drawings of simple machine components, buildings, etc., and apply the knowledge for creative engineering design.

About the Course
The primary goal of this course is to provide students with the subtleties of Engineering Drawing concepts and Universal Standards. Engineers and other engineering professionals use Engineering Graphics to communicate design ideas and technical information. The practical expertise of L&T has been leveraged for the course development to help the learners, to understand and apply the knowledge as it is being done in their field, are the unique features of this course. This course delivers the concepts of geometrical shapes and projections of 1D (lines), 2D(planes), 3D(solids) objects, Sectional views and 3D views are comprehensively discussed. Building Information Modelling (BIM), Building Drawing, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and AutoCAD software are the exclusive features. A practical exposure to design a new building or a product is given here. It also facilitates the learners to have a clear understanding on how to apply the knowledge of graphics in their respective disciplines.
Course Objective

Enables learner to:

  • Identify the fundamental concepts of engineering drawings of various objects
  • Visualize and imagine the various components, buildings as 2D and 3D
  • Illustrate the orthographic drawings of simple parts, machine components, buildings, etc.,
  • Absorb the knowledge of L&T Industrial Experts about buildings and other structures
  • Learn Computer-Aided Drafting and Manual drafting
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of Graphics for Creative Engineering Design
Key topics
Learning Outcomes

Upon Successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Illustrate the projections of points, lines, planes and solids
  • Breakdown and derive an orthographic view of various 3D components such as machine parts, buildings, etc.,
  • Describe and classify the inner details of objects
  • Develop building drawings such as Commercial, Residential and other buildings with the help of BIM
  • Design and create a graphical solid model of new components
  • Compose extensively with the software – AutoCAD
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Our Experts
Prof. V T Chandra Sekhar Rao
Dean - L&T Institute of Project Management; 38+ years of experiences

Area of Expertise:
Project Governance, Execution Strategy Development, Project Commercial Management, Project Controls, Project Engineering Management, Risk Management, Stakeholder Manager, Procurement and Contract Strategy

Dr. Y. Pari
PhD - Institute of Ocean Management, Anna University; Associate Vice-President, MindTree NxT; 23 years of industry experience

Area of Expertise:
Expertise in Advanced 3D Scanning Technologies, Global Navigation Satellite System, Digital Photogrammetry, Drone Applications, Enterprise GIS, Spatial Data Repository, System Integrations

Dr. T Jeyapoovan
PhD - Anna University

Area of Expertise:
Engineering Graphics, Machine Drawing, Assembly Drawing, Production Drawing, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

B.E - Mechanical; 42+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Safety in Construction Industry, Safety Training, Developing and maintaining management systems in-line with ISO 14001 and ISO
45001 Standards

Krishna Nirmalya Sen
Head – Environmental Health & Safety (Metallurgical & Material Handling), L&T Construction; PhD - University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES); 35 years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Occupational Safety and Health in Engineering and Construction Industry

Chidambaram CT
Head - Electrical Engineering (EDRC - Buildings & Factories), L&T Construction; 35+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Electrical Design, Technical Report, Technical Specification, Design Basis Report(DBR), Bill of Quantity, Cost optimization and Peer Review, Tracking and Monitoring of Design, Client Relationship

Head - MEP Design (EDRC-Buildings & Factories), L&T Construction; B.E (Electrical) - Delhi University; 33+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
MEP- Design, Technical Specification, Design Basis Report(DBR), Bill of Quantity, Cost optimization and Peer Review, Tracking and Monitoring of Design, Client Relationship

Manoj Gupta
Head - HVAC Engineering (EDRC-Buildings & Factories), L&T Construction; B.E (Mechanical); 27+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
HVAC Design of Airports, ITOS, Data Centers, Hospitals, Public Spaces and Special Projects

G. Madane
Chief Engineering Manager - Public Health Engineering (EDRC - Buildings & Factories), L&T Construction; B.Tech (Civil); 20+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Design Plumbing Systems, Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants, Solid Waste Management, Utilities & Infrastructure

Dr.S. Kalirajan
Deputy Dean - L&T Institute of Project Management; PhD - Anna University; 32+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Business Strategy Formulation, Business Development, Project Management, Risk Management, Contract Management, Negotiations, Team Management, Stakeholder Management

S. Padmanathan
Chief Engineering Manager - Fire Engineering & Mechanical System (Buildings & Factories), L&T Construction; B.E (Mechanical) – CEG; MBA (Operations Management); 30 years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Design & Engineering of Passive, Active Fire Protection System, Advanced Life Safety Techniques for Various Occupancies

B.S. Mukund
B.E. (Civil) - Bangalore University; Head - Project BIM Implementation, L&T Construction; 26+ years of experience

Area of Expertise:
BIM Implementation Plan in various Business Units, Implementation Training, Latest BIM Practices

Raja P
B.Tech (ECE) - SRM University; 22 years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Steel and Composite Buildings, Offshore Structures, Advanced Analysis of Steel Frames

Senior Professor and Advisor, Former Dean - IFMR PhD in Finance, University of Madras

Area of Expertise:
Valuation Modelling, Activity-based Costing & Management, Strategic Cost Management, Performance Measurement Systems, Financial Modelling, Financial Analytics

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