Concreting Techniques and Practices

Concreting Techniques and Practices
Civil Engineering

The ‘concreting techniques and practices’ course will help learners understand the importance of making good quality concrete resulting in durable structures. This course will impart knowledge on materials used in concrete, relevant Indian Standard Codes, and practical aspects on concreting activities at projects.

About the Course

The course provides practical knowledge on concrete technology which includes testing of materials, Indian Standard code procedures, handling of concrete at projects, do’s and don’ts for concrete, etc. This course also provides knowledge on Self Compacting Concrete, Pavement Quality Concrete, Dry Lean Concrete and Mass Concrete. The learner will get practical tips on best practices in concrete construction from L&T’s decades of experience in handling hundreds of millions of cubic meters of concrete in its project sites. This course will help the learner acquire application-oriented knowledge in concrete technology.

Course Objective

The objective of the course is:

  • To acquire knowledge on the materials used in Concrete and their testing as per relevant Indian standard codes and practical aspects on concreting activities at projects.
  • To comprehend the techniques on Blending of aggregates
  • To learn a complete mix design as per the project requirement.
  • To understand the challenges in placement of concrete and site related issues
Key topics
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, the learners will be able to:

  • Evaluate the properties of concrete by conducting test on cement, aggregate and concrete (with & without admixtures) for using the data for mix design procedures.
  • Understand to select and proportionate different materials used in a concrete mix including admixtures.
  • Design a concrete mix as per requirement of construction project.
  • Apply the best practices in concrete construction from industry’s requirement, thumb rules, mitigation of concreting issues at Sites.
Civil Engineering Stack
Our Experts
Dr. C V R Murty
Chief Mentor - Civil Engineering - L&T EduTech Professor, IIT Madras; Founding Dean - IIT Jodhpur

Area of Expertise:
Structural Engineering, Earthquake Resistant Design

Balasubramanian R
Lead SME - Civil Engineering - L&T EduTech; M.Tech - IIT Madras

Area of Expertise:
Steel and Concrete structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Design Management

L.S. Kannan
Head - Concrete Management Department (Buildings & Factories), L&T Construction; 36 years of experience

Area of Expertise:
Concrete Technology,  Light Weight Concrete & NDT, High Strength and Performance Concrete,  3D Printing, Green Concrete Production

K Veerappan
Head - Engineering Design and Research Centre (Buildings & Factories), L&T Construction; M.E - CEG; 35+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
Concrete & Steel Buildings, Equipment Foundations, Pre-stressed & Pre-cast Structures,Silos & Bins, Chimneys, Water & Sewage Treatment Plant Structures

Dr. Shiv Shanker
PhD (Structural Engg) – University of Texas Austin; 20 years of experience in the industry

Area of Expertise
Structural Engineering Design, Tall Buildings

Dr. Sreenath S
PhD - IIT Madras; 9 years of industry experience and 6 years of research experience

Area of Expertise
Steel and Composite Buildings, Offshore Structures, Advanced Analysis of Steel Frames 

V. Jaya Pragash
Head - Geotechnical Engineering - Residential Buildings and Factories, BNF IC, L&T Construction; ME (Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering); 22 years of experience

Area of Expertise
Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. S. Rajkumar
Head - Centre for Excellence & Futuristic Department - Building & Factories, IC, L&T Construction; 20+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
Energy Analysis for Buildings, Thermal Comfort, Building Audit & Architectural Acoustics 

C. Mekala
PhD - IIT Madras

Area of Expertise
Solid Waste Management, Contaminant Transport,  Water Treatment, Microbial Fuel Cells

Dhinesh K
M. Tech - NIT Calicut

Area of Expertise
Structural Engineering, Steel Structures,
Offshore Structures, Pre-Engineered Buildings 



Krishna Madhu
M. Tech - NIT Nagpur

Area of Expertise
Environmental Engineering, Water & Waste Water Treatment, PHE Design 



Amitendra Sarkar
B.E (Civil), Head - System Upgradation & Standardisation, Centre of Excellence - Formwork; 24+ years of experience in the formwork industry

Area of Expertise
Design (High-Rise, Bridge Pylons, Automatic Climbing Formwork systems), Product Development, Modern Formwork Techniques

T. Jagannath
M.E (Structural Engineering) - GCE Salem; DGM - Centre of Excellence - Formwork; 17 years of industry experience

Area of Expertise
Formwork Engineering and Execution, Design, Planning, Digitalisation, Formwork for Residential Buildings, High-Rise/Tall Structures, Factories, etc. 

D. Arunkumar
B.E (Civil) - Sona College of Technology; PG (Construction Management), NICMAR; 14 years of experience in Formwork

Area of Expertise
Design and Execution of Formwork Systems, Planning, Methodologies, Advanced Formwork Systems 

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