Collaborative Robotics in Manufacturing

Collaborative Robotics in Manufacturing
Mechanical Engineering
This course is aimed at producing adequate knowledge and skills about mechatronics & robotics. The elements of mechatronics and their significant role in bringing automation into the manufacturing sector is comprehensively discussed. It also introduces the learner to Robotics Engineering comprising of robot configuration, dynamics, kinematics and robotic vision. Interfacing mechanical components with electronic devices is also covered. The course also introduces AI and IoT used in the field of manufacturing. The course covers the fundamentals of every concept and its relevant industrial applications. Every module includes case studies to reinforce the learnings.
Course Objective

Upon completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand the mechatronics behind CNC machines
  • Analyze automated Manufacturing Processes & Identify the need for Robotics
  • Specify Robots for Manufacturing applications
  • Know how to interface Industrial Robots
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, learners would:

  • Know the vital components of Mechatronics systems, Design aspects, and their Interface
  • Get acquainted with various Robotic configurations, Robotic design, Robotic programming features, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Be able to analyze and apply interfacing techniques in their projects and later on in their job.
Key topics
Mechanical Engineering Stack
Our Experts
Dr. S R Kale
Chief Mentor - Mechanical Engineering - L&T EduTech Professor, IIT Delhi

Area of Expertise
Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Particle-laden Flow, Energy Conversion

Mani Sankar Chakraborthy
Lead SME - Mechanical Engineering - L&T EduTech; M.S. - Southern Illinois University, US; 37+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
 Design and Engineering of Mechanical & process plants

Dr. N M Rao
PhD - IIT Kharagpur

Area of Expertise
Thermal Power Plants, Heat Transfer, Nanofluids, Fluid Modelling, Piping Design and Analysis

Mihir M. Patel
Head of Engineering - Advanced Value Engineering & Technology (AdVENT), L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering; M.S. - University of North Dakota, USA; 35+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
Chemical Engineering, Technical Safety Engineering

Arvind Kaushik
Advanced Value Engineering & Technology (AdVENT) - L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering; M. Tech. (Chemical Engg.) – IIT Kanpur; TUV certified Functional Safety Professional; 35+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
 Thermal Equipment Design, Process Safety Management, Energy Optimization in Chemical Process Industry, Dynamic Simulation of Power Plants

Sweta Kanchanwala
B.E - Instrumentation and Control; 14+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
Detailed Engineering, Operation & Maintenance, Consultancy Services, Training of Thermal Power Plants


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