Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering
Learn the technological aspects of electricity, including the design and application of circuitry and electronic equipment along with the concepts of power generation and distribution, communication and machine control.
integrated Engineering of MV Substation

This course has a unique blend of fundamental concepts and engineering methodology for substations up to 33kV...

industrial Power System Analysis

‘ Power System Analysis and Stability’ is a fundamental course in the branch of Electrical and Electronics Engineering...

Microprocessors, Microcontrollers & Applications – A Practical Approach

This course on ‘Microprocessors and Applications’ is a foundational course for..

Practitioner's approach to Power System Protection and Switchgear

Power system protection and switchgear plays a crucial role in establishing reliable electrical power systems. Improperly designed protection systems...

Electrical Power Distribution Engineering and Automation

The course
on ‘Electric Power Distribution Engineering and Automation’
is a practical-oriented course blended with conceptual knowledge covering...

Advanced Electrical System Design for Buildings

To help the learners to understand the advanced concepts on how to approach various building related electrical system designs in line with current industrial practices and material availability...

Extra Low Voltage System Design for Buildings

To give learners, an overall understanding of the concepts behind.Extra Low Voltage systems and how to apply those concepts in real world applications...

Cyber Physical Systems for Industrial Applications

The course provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental ideas of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). It teaches applications such as sensors, actuators, processors...

Power Transmission Line Engineering

This is a foundational course for obtaining knowledge and skills in the area of Power Systems. This course is designed to develop the understanding, challenges..

VLSI Chip Design for Industrial Applications

This course comprehends overall design of digital circuits with FPGA using simulation tools. The learners will be imparted with knowledge on Hardware Description Language (HDL)..


With the ever-increasing demand for electric power and imminent exhaustion of fossil fuels, tapping the renewable energy sources for power generation seems the most obvious solution..


The course introduces composite relational model of edge computing along with Machine Learning and IoT architecture & imparts the related ML and IoT frameworks..