Career Preparatory Course

Career Preparatory Program
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This course is intended to collate the wide range of career opportunities to develop oral, written and job readiness skills. The primary goal of this course is to provide self – assurance to young people to make uniformed decisions with respect to their future employment. It helps in understanding how smart preparation and developing their skills help in leading to expansive career opportunities and are ready for the working world. Career awareness, vocational education and work experience are three practices that aids evidence -based approaches for successful preparation of young people for employment.
Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Hone employability skills
  • Develop knowledge of communication skills and deliver across diverse cultures
  • Inculcate the importance of work ethics
  • Develop self -awareness
  • Apply information in transition of career planning
Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, the learners should be able to:

  • Identify resources for career preparation
  • Develop strategies for successful job hunt
  • Recognize that effective communication skills can influence working relationships
  • Build a strong professional network
  • Improve creative thinking skills
  • Manage conflicts effectively
  • Handling objections
Key topics
Mechanical Engineering Stack
Our Experts
Dr. S R Kale
Chief Mentor - Mechanical Engineering - L&T EduTech Professor, IIT Delhi

Area of Expertise
Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Particle-laden Flow, Energy Conversion

Mani Sankar Chakraborthy
Lead SME - Mechanical Engineering - L&T EduTech; M.S. - Southern Illinois University, US; 37+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
 Design and Engineering of Mechanical & process plants

Dr. N M Rao
PhD - IIT Kharagpur

Area of Expertise
Thermal Power Plants, Heat Transfer, Nanofluids, Fluid Modelling, Piping Design and Analysis

Mihir M. Patel
Head of Engineering - Advanced Value Engineering & Technology (AdVENT), L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering; M.S. - University of North Dakota, USA; 35+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
Chemical Engineering, Technical Safety Engineering

Arvind Kaushik
Advanced Value Engineering & Technology (AdVENT) - L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering; M. Tech. (Chemical Engg.) – IIT Kanpur; TUV certified Functional Safety Professional; 35+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
 Thermal Equipment Design, Process Safety Management, Energy Optimization in Chemical Process Industry, Dynamic Simulation of Power Plants

Sweta Kanchanwala
B.E - Instrumentation and Control; 14+ years of experience

Area of Expertise
Detailed Engineering, Operation & Maintenance, Consultancy Services, Training of Thermal Power Plants


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