Assessments Services

L&T EduTech provides this end-to-end service as a complete package required to build an efficient workspace.

The Campus Outreach service offers corporates complete freedom from the tasks of reaching out to institutions, scheduling the recruitment process to ensure the best available talent pool is available from them for hiring. The L&T EduTech team calls upon years of experience in campus recruitment ecosystem and leverages the power of the C2E platform complemented by the L&T EduTech’s assessment engine to gain the required momentum and efficiency in the entire process.

Corporates can sit back and relax letting the L&T EduTech team manage the entire planning involved with the campus program and step in to add the finishing touches in the form of the business and HR interview rounds.


L&T EduTech’s proctoring solution is one of the industry’s most advanced and well-defined services which combines AI-based and blended live proctoring to deliver a detailed post-assessment analysis of candidates supported by video recordings of their test-taking actions and a detailed report on the violations during the assessment taking process.

L&T EduTech offers LTPROC as a service which can be integrated with assessment engines or learning management systems using APIs and improve the overall efficiency of client processes that need additional security and monitoring. LTPROC comes with features integral to the assessment process, like:

Real time audio and video feed of assessment takers​

Automated alerts to candidates in case of a violation​

Regular face recognition checks to ascertain no impersonation during assessments​

Detailed proctoring report with the list of violations and a playback option

Safe and secure browsing with geo tagging

Browser switching detection​

Recruitment Process Consulting

L&T EduTech offers a first in a kind consulting service for organizations wanting to build and streamline their recruitment processes and intend to use the latest technology solutions available.

L&T’s recruitment experts work with recruitment teams to understand their requirements and design processes to meet the hiring targets along with the creation of channels for sourcing of candidates across different domains and experience groups. The experts suggest different solutions and service providers along with project management services to cater to the end-to-end requirements of the clientele.

Behavioural Event Interview

In L&T EduTech we pride that the potential prospective candidates need to fit into the Organization/Workplace culture. Studies have consistently shown that many professionals are very engaged and would even go to the extent of taking lower salaries if they believe and feel a part of the great Organization Culture. Hence a great culture motivated by the Organization’s missions and vision must contribute to an effective, positive and vibrant work culture. 

L&T EduTech behavioural event interviews (BEI) are focused on understanding how the prospective candidate would fit into the culture of the organization, before they are assessed on their knowledge, skills and other critical metrics. The whole process of BEI enhances the complete recruitment process, let it be potential future hires, or potential Leaders. 

Firstly the candidate takes the competency/behavioural-based assessment from which their detailed report is elucidated. The next step is the actual behavioural event interview process. During this process, our in-house professionals use the BEI methodology to focus, profile, and understand the candidate’s past experiences and his/her behaviour and personality. They tactfully use various BEI techniques to explore and validate the candidate’s core competencies demonstrated through certain behaviour, skills and abilities across various simulated behavioural-based situations/events. Apart from this, the interviewer critically understands whether the candidate will fit within the organization culture and whether their goals and values align with the organization. Their response patterns are recorded and critically evaluated, and detailed behavioural reports along with their performance score are prepared. This detailed report along with the other assessment reports are compiled and considered for finalizing on the selection