Access Controls Installation Technician – Level 4

Access Controls Installation Technician
Level 4 (ELE/Q4608)

You will be responsible for undertaking site assessment, installing the access control system, installing the scanning equipment, and configuring the system for functioning.

The access control installation technician provides after-sale support services for access control devices and systems such as point of sale scanners, fingerprint or iris scanners. They will be responsible for installing the access control system at the customer’s premises, and conduct site assessment, installing the hardware, and integrating the system to meet the customer’s requirements.


L&T EduTech Certificate ​


You can enrol for this course through designated L&T training partners




Self-paced e-learning = 40 hours
Instructor-led training = 40 hours (this is at your institute)
Total = 80 hours *

You will have to undergo hands-on practical exposure at a training provider through the State Skill Development Mission or L&T training partners. 

Course outcomes